US Army

SOSSEC has performed over 100 programs under multiple Other Transaction Agreements with the US Army's Amraments Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC) Since 2009. These programs supported the Army’s mission in Homeland Defense (HLD), and have accounted for the development and testing of significant HLD solutions.

These mission parameters facilitates the transition of knowledge from DoD research and development programs to civilian operational techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs); they help protect the homeland.

The Government in conjunction with the SOSSEC Consortium performed a coordinated research and development program designed to develop prototype HLD and related technologies. Prototype Research included efforts to perform specific prototype research and development projects investigating processes that directly advanced the application of HLD missions.  This included development, demonstration, and application of change management plans, techniques, and processes across organizations to achieve successful information sharing approaches.

Technology Development, Evaluation, and Transition included efforts to identify and aid the maturation of selected research technologies and licenses to third parties.  Performance included operating within verification and test facilities to assess products for use in emerging operations.

Technology Integration included efforts toward facilitating integration and ensuring the success of transfer of technologies to ongoing programs, projects and initiatives; and providing, as appropriate for the specific technology, the applicable documentation, certifications, and artifacts that will assist in the transfer of technology to the intended recipient.

Awareness and Demonstration included efforts to provide a showcase for the progression of individually funded programs, demonstration of new/innovative projects and technologies, and validation of system-of-system engineering principles.

We have developed a customized process for navigating the steps toward receiving an Project Award under this OT, and it is specific to the HLD OT, so please do not use the Air Force OT-based process available elsewhere on this website. 

While new projects are not currently being accepted on this OT, the HLD Project Proposal 10-Step Process is available here: SOSSEC - Project Proposal 10-Step Process (HLD)