Membership Application

Consortium Member Application

This Membership Application is made by the signing organization ("Applicant") to the Consortium for System of System Security (SOSSEC), effective as of the date of submission by the Applicant.

Applicant Organization Information

Membership Type
Is applicant a United States owned, organized and controlled entity? (If not, the SOSSEC Board of Directors will request additional information, as necessary.)
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SOSSEC Capabilities
 Border Security
 Critical Infrastructure & Key resources Protection Technologies
 Perimiter Security
 Port Security
 IED Detection & Neutralization
 Surveillance & Warning
 Architectural & Engineering Services
 C2/C3/C4i Technology Development & Prototyping Systems Integration
 Systems Integration
 Emergency Response
 Smart Building & Automation Systems
 Integration of Communications & Data Systems
 Situational Awareness
 Cyber Defense
 Information Assurance
 Data Mining
 Analytic Modeling
 Business Analytics
 Collaboration Capabilities
 Computer Vision
 Data Capture
 Data Discovery, Visualization, and Analytics
 Intelligence Exposure
 Intelligence Production
 Search Capabilities
 Propulsion Technologies

SCEC Capabilities
 Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT)
 Cyberspace Operations
 Electronic Warfare (EW)
 Mine, IED and Minefield Detection and Defeat
 Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Targeting (ISR&T)
 Intelligence, Analysis, Exploitation and Dissemination
 Mission Command Capabilities and Computing Platforms
 Tactical and Deployed Power
 Tactical and Strategic Networks


Membership Cost:

  • No Joining Fee
  • Annual Membership Dues: $500/yr



Applicant, by submitting this Application hereby applies for membership in SOSSEC.

Applicant agrees that it will review and sign the Consortium Membership Agreement.

Applicant understands that it will not become a SOSSEC Member until the Applicant signs the Consortium Membership Agreement and the Board of Directors of  SOSSEC approves the application.

Applicant, by submitting this Application, represents that the information herein is a complete, true and correct statement of Applicant's organization and its qualifications for membership in SOSSEC.

Applicant agrees to disclose immediately to SOSSEC any changes affecting Applicant's representation that it meets the requirements of membership in SOSSEC.

Applicant agrees that the SOSSEC Board of Directors has the right in its sole discretion to accept or reject Applicant based on the SOSSEC Board of Directors determination of whether the Applicant does or does not meet the membership requirements of SOSSEC Articles of Incorporation and By-laws and the Consortium Membership Agreement. The SOSSEC Board of Directors will notify Applicant within a reasonable time of the status of the Applicant's request for membership, and if Applicant is rejected for membership, the reason for the rejection.

Download and view the SOSSEC Membership Agreement here: SOSSEC CMA.PDF

Download and view the SCEC Membership Agreement here: SCEC CMA.PDF

Applicant agrees to provide proof of the required facility and personnel clearance prior to award of any classified project activity.

Applicant represents that is is eligible to contract with the United States Government, i.e.,

Applicant is not debarred or suspended by the United States Government.

Applicant represents the following:

  • It has an interest in the research and development of innovative technologies for Critical Infrastructure, KeyResources, and Force Protection Technologies, Command and Control Technology Development, Platform and Integration Testing, Sensor Development and Platform Integration.
  • It is capable of making a technical contribution to advancements in the fields of Critical Infrastructure, KeyResources, and Force Protection Technologies, Command and Control Technology Development, Platform and Integration Testing, Sensor Development and Platform Integration.
  • It is willing to be an advocate of SOSSEC objectives as they are defined in the Consortium Membership Agreement.
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