What we do

SOSSEC, Inc. currently manages the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC), an organization comprised of over 500+ members. SOSSEC, Inc. is responsible for managing all tasks under our Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs) from cradle to grave insuring both our customers and our members are adequately served in all transactions.  SOSSEC convenes on-site general membership meetings typically on a quarterly basis to discuss changes, new services, new opportunities, and to provide a networking platform for our members.  

In addition to the management of our OTAs, our management services include identifying and responding to solicitations that represent advantageous opportunities for a SOSSEC-based team to engage; this will bring to bear the breadth and depth of the consortium upon the specific opportunity. In these instances SOSSEC takes the lead in forming the team, managing the proposal development and submission process, and overseeing the pre- and post-award activities.  SOSSEC does not perform as a member of the technical team. Members are subsequently invited to participate and individual roles are parsed based on past performance, technical capabilities, and existing relationships with the target customer.

SOSSEC also provides mentorship to its many non-traditional and small business members. This is sometimes in the form of direct, one-on-one instructional sessions; and at other times, may involve one or more additional members in a more formal arrangement.  Assistance may have to do with technical approach, contract management, program management, requirements management, or day-to-day back office tasks. 

SOSSEC is also the prime contractor on any of the Other Transaction awards received. In this role, we work with the government customers to ensure efficiency and knowledge about the use of these unique contract vehicles. In addition, SOSSEC helps to ensure tasks are in line with the stated missions and technical requirements of the OT awards. Our dedicated program and deliverable management staff help to make sure that expectations are managed, deadlines are met, and the administrative side of performance is on target.