Command and Control Technology Development

Efforts to hasten the application of new Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and technologies that develop and facilitate integration of various command and Control technologies within the DOD HLD, HLS, and Force Protection mission domain. This includes identification and transitioning of prototypes in Architectural & Engineering (including construction management), C2/C3/C4i Technology Development and Prototyping, Systems Integration, Systems Interoperability, Emergency Response, Smart Building and Automation Systems, and Communications.

Perform specific research and prototype processes that develop and demonstrate protection technologies that directly advance the application of these technologies for the application on ground and air mobile platforms and support systems. This includes research and development in such areas as data links, targeting and communication systems, digitally aided close air support systems, global stores management and communications systems, sensors, and Surveillance and Warning. Examples of these applied to critical air platform technologies include:

Aircraft Tactical Improvements: Systems development and engineering for all ARC MDS platforms and subsystems for directed-energy weapons, EO/IR Targeting Pods, sensor hardening, laser hazards, laser eye protection and laser/directed-energy systems for use in an environment of laser guided weapons and directed energy weapons deployment Data Link Development and Integration - To support the air mission by providing high bandwidth, invulnerable data linkages between and among other aircraft and ground stations.

Architectural/Engineering Systems, including Development of Automated Systems: technologies advancing Architectural & Engineering systems, including construction management, and technologies developing airframe and automation systems.