Protecting Analyzing and Sharing Information

Protecting, Analyzing and Sharing Information: includes efforts to support the Government DOD, HDL, and Force Protection vision of managing selected programs for the federal government (Congressional and Agency programs) and local municipalities by applying advanced system engineering principles, processes, planning, and management techniques to identify and mature technologies integral to the free flow of information when necessitated by the DOD HLD, HLS, and Force Protection mission. This includes but is not limited to the development of prototypes involving Integration of Communications and Data Systems for Shared Situational Awareness, Information Assurance, and Data Mining.

Perform specific research and prototype processes that develop and demonstrate protection technologies that directly advance the application of these technologies for the application on mobility platforms and support systems. This includes research and development in such areas as data links, targeting and communication systems, digitally aided close air support systems, global stores management and communications systems, sensors, and Surveillance and Warning.