Sensor Development and Platform Integration

Perform specific research and prototype processes that range from technology innovation, integration, evaluation and assessments through application, prototype integration, test and evaluation activates, fielding and support across weapon and platform systems, software, training and logistics.

Technologies include fire control, sensors, day/night battlespace awareness, and homeland defense/security, automated testing, optics, laser-based offensive and defensive systems and networked lethality systems. Planning, execution, management, reporting and collaboration across this vast portfolio demands that technical, managerial and administrative personnel have ready access to a large variety and volume of information including but not limited to technical, programmatic and financial data, software libraries, presentations and reports, audio and video files, technical manuals and drawings,
engineering designs and candidates for technology insertion.

At the present time there is a need for applying a suite of solutions to the Warfighter to increase their operational capabilities with Joint Tactical Air Controller ("JTAC") advance tactics development, testing, and realistic training. Support is required to define, integrate, test, evaluate, train and execute the critical combat and Homeland Defense/Homeland Security mission requirements for US Armed Forces.